Upcycling Urban Trees – E58

Great to chat with Ben Christensen, CEO of Cambium Carbon, a circular economy startup reforesting America by enabling local wood economies! We discussed Carbon Smart Wood, where city trees go when they fall, how local connections are key to developing a circular economy, the power of storytelling in climate and more! 


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Carbon currencies and central banks – E57

Great to chat with Delton Chen, Project Director of the Global Carbon Reward! The Global Carbon Reward (GCR) is a policy for a carbon currency that can be used to fund climate mitigation, ecosystem protection, and climate justice on a global scale! In this podcast we discuss the economics of global decarbonization, the advantages of a carbon currency over conventional carbon pricing, why the GCR inspired the novel “The Ministry for the Future“, and more!

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Decarbonizing Cement – E56

Great to chat with Sherif Elsayed-Ali, Co-Founder and CEO at Carbon Re, Carbon Re’s mission is to enable the decarbonization of foundation industries, starting with cement! We discussed cement supply chains, their carbon emissions, fuel efficiency, scaling of alternative fuels, the drivers for users and investors to cut carbon emissions and more!


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Sustainable Meal Delivery – E55

Great to chat with Ellis Singer McCue, Chief Executive Officer at Territory Foods, a company that delivers delicious chef made meals designed for the nutritious way you eat! We discussed sustainable packaging for food delivery, how we can fix the food system, the challenge of finding supply chains with healthier ingredients from regenerative agriculture, food labelling, how to educate customers and more! 


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From Bedbugs to Soil Carbon – E54

Great to chat with Daniel Penn, Head Of Business Development for Soil Carbon at Terramera, a technology company that is transforming how food is grown and the economics of agriculture! We discussed the value of quantifying soil carbon, regenerative practices, the need for standardization of soil measurements for scaling, the technology and techniques that will help farmers make better decisions and more!


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Blockchain & ESG – E52

Great to chat with Kim Raath, Founder & CEO of Topl, an ESG tech company building a blockchain to help businesses prove their ethical and sustainable practices! We discussed Topl’s founding story, how blockchain technology has evolved over the last decade, why traceability is now so important to companies, the future of crypto and more! 


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Biomass for the Circular Economy – E51

Great to chat with Petri Tolonen CEO of CH-Bioforce Oy, a company converting biomass like wood into high-value materials and replace fossil fuel raw materials in textiles and packaging! We discussed the unique process for processing biomass they developed, how they are scaling their production, why technology licensing is an interesting and underutilised business model for startups, the importance of government support to kickstart the circular economy and more! 

Biomass for the Circular Economy – E51

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The State of Cleantech Investment

Absolute pleasure to discuss the state of cleantech VC with Monica Varman of G2 Venture Partners. We dove deep into late stage cleantech investment, how covid affected the investment landscape for supply chains and food startups particularly, the agtech technologies she is most excited by, how her experiences at Tesla and McKinsey influences her approach to investing and much more! 

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Replacing Plastic with AirCarbon – E49

Great to chat with Mark Herrema, cofounder and CEO of Newlight Technologies, a biotechnology company producing advanced sustainable materials! We discussed how they use naturally occurring microorganisms to eat greenhouse gases and produce a material called AirCarbon which can replace many uses for plastics, their 18 year journey to build such a disruptive technology, how the investing landscape for climattech has changed over the last few years and more!

Scaling Aeroponic Farming

Great to chat with Charlie Guy, Co-Founder at LettUs Grow, a company which builds aeroponic technology for indoor and vertical farms! We discussed how aeroponics differs from hydroponics, how their MVP developed into their current product, plant circadian rhythms, how universities can better support startup development and more! 

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