Carbon and climate toolset – E60

Great to chat with Taylor Francis, Co-Founder at Watershed, Watershed helps companies get to net zero carbon faster! We discussed climate as a data problem, how the data can enable the right action, climate governance, carbon emissions in the supply chain and more!

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A New Method to Sequester Carbon? – E44

Great to chat with John Lin cofounder and President of Exaquest Carbon, a research nonprofit developing a new carbon sequestration technology which slows down the decomposition of biomass! We discussed the pros and cons of different biomass carbon sequestration technologies, why understanding decomposition is so important to climate change, what is next for their research, his interesting path to working on this problem and more!

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A Sustainable Data Moat – E27

Great to chat with Alexander Gillett, CEO and co-founder of HowGood, a company with the world’s largest food product sustainability database. We discussed what it took to build such a  unique dataset (14 years!), the importance of decision making to actionable sustainability, the challenges for sustainability across the developed versus developing world, their go-to-market strategy, why trust is so important for early startup teams and more!