Transforming waste into hydroponic nutrients – E 61

Great to chat with Tinia Pina, Founder & CEO of Re-Nuble, a company that uses organic cycling science technology to transform unrecoverable vegetative food byproducts into a platform of sustainable technologies for soilless farming! We discussed post-production farm waste, regional challenges in food waste, disconnection between consumers and farmers, VC investments and more!

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Scaling Aeroponic Farming – E49

Great to chat with Charlie Guy, Co-Founder at LettUs Grow, a company which builds aeroponic technology for indoor and vertical farms! We discussed how aeroponics differs from hydroponics, how their MVP developed into their current product, plant circadian rhythms, how universities can better support startup development and more! 

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Growing Potatoes in Air – E29

Learnt so much about aeroponics speaking with Lucas Moreira, CEO of CBA Sementes, a Brazilian startup that grows potatoes in air!  We discussed how aeroponics differs from hydroponics, why seed potatoes are such a great use case for aeroponics, the importance of sensors, the pros of building a startup with your family, the Brazilian tech scene and more!