Carbon currencies and central banks – E57

Great to chat with Delton Chen, Project Director of the Global Carbon Reward! The Global Carbon Reward (GCR) is a policy for a carbon currency that can be used to fund climate mitigation, ecosystem protection, and climate justice on a global scale! In this podcast we discuss the economics of global decarbonization, the advantages of a carbon currency over conventional carbon pricing, why the GCR inspired the novel “The Ministry for the Future“, and more!

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From Bedbugs to Soil Carbon – E54

Great to chat with Daniel Penn, Head Of Business Development for Soil Carbon at Terramera, a technology company that is transforming how food is grown and the economics of agriculture! We discussed the value of quantifying soil carbon, regenerative practices, the need for standardization of soil measurements for scaling, the technology and techniques that will help farmers make better decisions and more!

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Making the World’s Waste Visible, Verifiable and Valuable – E46

Really great to speak with Michael Groves, co-founder and CEO of Topolytics, a data analytics company that is making the world’s waste Visible, Verifiable and Valuable! We discussed why tracking waste is so important, how they utilise multiple data sources to generate insights, how monetization in cleantech has evolved over the years, the pros and cons of building a startup in Edinburgh and much more!

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The Natural Carbon Revolution – E45

Delighted to speak with Oliver Bolton, CEO of Earthly, a company which makes it easy for businesses to invest in the most effective nature-based climate solutions! We discussed the need for greater natural carbon solution funding, how they think about the carbon permanence of different approaches, the importance of having a strong and independent science board, which approaches have the greatest scalability, how path to entrepreneurship and much more!

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Infrastructure for a Sustainable Economy – E34

Great to catch up with Brennan Spellacy, CEO and cofounder of Patch, a platform for negative emissions. We discussed how businesses can integrate with Patch’s API to take carbon out of the air, how they leveraged existing relationships to get their first users, the range of carbon sequestration technologies they work with, how their business model works, why it is so important to share losses as well as wins to encourage more people to become startup founders and much more!

Stable Sequestration Through Biochar – E30

I learned tons about biochar from Henrietta Moon, CEO and cofounder of Carbo Culture, a company which makes high quality biocarbons from waste, and puts this biochar to use in soils, agriculture and urban environments. We discussed how biochar is created and why it is such a stable form of carbon, what the process of verifying carbon sequestration is like, how biochar intersects with regenerative agriculture, how large corporates are starting to think about offsets, the importance of “containers” to help people find their place in climate work, how scouting and sailing drove her love of the environment, starting a company in Finland and much more!